Crisis Mr. Swagger was born Chisenga Katongo in Lusaka city, the capital of Zambia in  Africa, on May 27       . He is a Multi-Award winning, African born, International Hip-Hop artist.

In January 2005, he was the first artist to release a Hip-Hop album in his home country,  Zambia. The album ‘Officer in Charge’ set the rapper as a leader and pioneer.

He is currently working on a new album as he secures several performance spots in and out  of Australia. He has just been supporting the Straight Outta Compton Australian tour by legendary NWA member, DJ Yella setting the platform for bigger things to come.

After building a name since moving to Australia two years ago, he is now headlining several show’s and is often hailed as a highlight when he takes the stage. He is not just a rapper taking the mic and singing or rapping. He is a Michael Jackson fan hence; he tries to entertain as much as possible too.

His sound has often been described as a mixture of Dr. Dre meets Nas, Pink Floyd (Dark Side of The Moon), Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, BDP and KRS-One.
Having created a song that spoke against Human Trafficking, he got recognition by the  International Labour Organisation (ILO) and IMO (International Migration Organisation).  The ILO then sponsored a Business Class for Artists to which Crisis Mr. Swagger was a
recipient of a certificate in ‘Business for Artists.’ 

Crisis Mr. Swagger is also well known for nurturing younger artists, a tradition that he continues to carry through his ‘Edutainment’ workshops, combining Entertainment and Education.

Meanwhile, he has been in the studio, putting in work for his latest album ‘The Quiet Don.’ It is a two CD disc set with 19 Tracks on each and a total of 38.
One of his proudest moments is when he got an invitation to The 54th Grammy Awards. He ended up living in Los Angeles, California where he pursued Dr. Dre at the Interscope Records offices. He ended up building contacts at the label with whom he continues to keep in touch as possibilities are open.
The rapper once shared the stage with Akon and Sean Paul to a crowd of +48,000 people at Zimbabwe’s Harare Sports Stadium. The biggest event he has played to date.

Most recently, his song 'The Fire Inside' was part of The Sochi 2014 Olympics playlist as  picked by CBS - Radio Canada through where he often dominates  the local, Number 1 spot, while getting love from iHeart’s Unsigned Bands Australia + more.

He has opened shows and shared the stage with other major, international artists such as  Oliver Mthukudzi, E-40 and Warren-G while living and performing in major  cities such as California, Atlanta -Georgia, London, Paris, Harare, and Johannesburg etc. In September 2013, his suburban song about Morley was picked as a favorite by former  92.9 Perth DJ’s, Lisa, Paul and Baz who went on to get a video made about the song. 

His new album is part of a major business plan that will see him perform in major cities  around the world, including Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Africa and Europe.
In October, 2014, the rapper and his acting management of Jesse Cajustin and David Gallo organized a charity gig with the 2014, X-Factor winner, Marlisa, raising funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines.

The rapper has recently taken the spotlight on various Perth stages with gigs such as; Gignition, State of The Art Festival, Beaufort Street Festival, The Astor and most recently The Hip-Hop Highjack at The Causeway with a follow up being lined up to the great outcome of the show.  
He is performing at the UberFest in Perth on 28/03/2015.

“You should be rocking big festivals man!” This is the most common comment I get when I walk off the stage” says the rapper.’

In the last few months, he has built strong ties with Curtis Young (Son of Dr. Dre) and the two are looking at touring Asia and Africa very soon. The relationship goes beyond music as the two have also ventured into merchandising. Great things have been developing and, the rapper would like to keep the momentum going. Next on his agenda is getting a booking agent and moving from Independent to major label while getting sync placements for his music and more.

 DISCOGRAPHY (Catalogue available on iTunes)  1996: Red Light Spells Danger – (Single Release)
1998: Streetly Business – (Single Release)  1999: Da City (Single off Compilation)
1999: The Rhythm Nation Project (Rapper/Co-Producer/Co-Engineer)  
2002: The Burn (Single)
2002: Playerz Worldwide (Single)
2005: Officer In Charge (Album Release)  2005: One Day (Single Release)
2005: Good Foot (Single Release)
2006: C.R.I.$.I.$ Presents The Diamond Chain (Album Release)  2008: Designer (UK, International Album Release)
2009: Mr. Swagger (International Album Release)  2010: Electric Boogie (Single Release)
2010: Play On (Single Release)
2010: The Fire Inside (Single Release)
2011: Chain Reaction (Compilation Release/Exec. Producer/Artist)  2012: Diamond District (Mixtape Release)
2013: Morley (Single released and supported by Perth’s 92.9 FM)  2013: Soul Train EP
2014: Translation (Single Release)  2014: Soul Train (Single Release) 2015: The Quiet Don LP Disc 1 & 2 with a total 38 Tracks
2015: The Quiet Don LP – April, 2015

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